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Abdul R. C.

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As a Creative Director I have directed couple of Short Films, Feature Films, Commercial Ads, Corporate AVs etc

Vfx Consultant

I have supervised and created simplified workflows for VFX Studios to make their projects easier. I have also helped them in setting up their teams and giving complete VFX solutions.



I have written Feature Films, Web Series, Viral Films for various clients and I am also working on an independent project right now called “Look Around


Here is the feedback I’ve received from the freelance clients I’ve worked with:

Thoroughly professional and extremely dedicated as an artist. He never stop surprising us with his creativity and offbeat work. I would highly recommend Abdul as a Creative Director & a VFX Consultant.

Mohnish Nagpal

Founder, Bink Consult

Abdul is a very talented and skilled VFX artist, he reliably delivered outstanding quality on projects. He has the production experience, the technical knowledge, and the aesthetic skills to deliver.
I recommend him as a VFX consultant without hesitation.

Michael Grobe

Vfx Supervisor

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Whether you have a new business inquiry, want to collaborate with me on certain projects, I’m always interested in meeting new people.



Check out my recent work as a Creative Director, VFX Consultant & Script Writer. I’d love to here some of your feedback on it too!

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